The Artists for Amazonía campaign is harnessing the power of creative and entertainment influencers to catalyze global action in response to the crisis in the Amazon rainforest and threats to indigenous earth defenders. Together, we are advocating for Amazon’s permanent protection.

The Amazon Rainforest Climate Platform

The Amazon rainforest stabilizes regional and global weather patterns, drives rainfall and helps curtail climate change, but it is reaching an irreversible tipping point which threatens our climate and collective future, requiring urgent action.

Indigenous peoples have effectively conserved their rainforest territories for millenia and yet their rights, lives and territories are facing increasing threats. Defending the defenders of the Amazon is an environmental, human rights and racial justice priority.

Artists United for Amazonía livestream

The Artists United for Amazonía livestream benefits the Amazon Emergency Fund, an indigenous-led effort providing rapid response grants across the Amazon to address the pandemic


(In order of appearance)

  • Oona Chaplin
  • Mapu & Inka Yube Huni Kuin
  • Jeff Bridges
  • Mark Plotkin
  • Butterscotch
  • Sonia Bone Guajajara
  • Wade Davis
  • Matti Caspi
  • Suyan Caspi
  • Wagner Moura
  • Cara Delevingne
  • Mayor Arthur Neto
  • Sebastião Salgado
  • Q’orianka Kilcher
  • Italo García M.
  • Carlos Santana
  • Cindy Blackman Santana
  • Alice Braga
  • Walela Surui
  • Greta Thunberg
  • Eric Terena
  • Xiuhtezcatl Martinez
  • Jane Goodall
  • Xiye Bastida
  • Rocky Dawuni
  • Akablay Anthony
  • Carlos Nobre
  • Ricky Martin
  • Malachi McKay
  • Chloe Smith
  • Jane Fonda
  • Isaac & Thorald Koren
  • Djuena Tikuna
  • Frances Fisher
  • Peter Coyote
  • Cary Elwes
  • Tom Bergeron
  • Alfre Woodard
  • Scott Bakula
  • Ed Begley, Jr.
  • Rachelle Carson
  • Wendie Malick
  • Lizardo Cauper
  • Ivan Lins
  • Neymar Dias
  • Herbie Hancock
  • Thomas Lovejoy
  • Dave Matthews
  • Angela Kaxuyana
  • John Quigley
  • Gisele Bündchen
  • Luciana Souza
  • Romero Lubambo
  • David Suzuki
  • Benki Piyãko
  • Amber Valletta
  • Neimar Kiga
  • Maria Gadu
  • Dharma Lemon
  • Angela Mendes
  • Jean-Michelle Cousteau
  • Mickey Sumner
  • Jakon Rate
  • Peter Gabriel
  • Leila Salazar-López
  • Benki Piyako Ashaninka
  • Gregorio Diaz Mirabal
  • Céline Cousteau
  • Sting
  • Atossa Soltani
  • Lynne Twist
  • Morgan Freeman
  • Nina Gualinga
  • Barbra Streisand
  • Julia Jones
  • Michelle Barton
  • Hart Bochner
  • Amy Smart
  • Scottie Thompson
  • Dominic Monaghan
  • Barbara Williams


A Nation Earth Production
in Partnership with Extinction Rebellion, Amazon Watch, and Mobilize Earth

Written and Directed by Shaun Monson

Starring (alphabetically):
Adria Arjona
Oona Chaplin
Rosario Dawson
Albert Hammond, Jr.
Q’orianka Kilcher
Matthew Modine
and Joaquin Phoenix



  • Malin Ackerman
  • Katie Aselton Duplass
  • Alec Baldwin
  • Lance Bass
  • Nahko Bear
  • Ed Begley, Jr.
  • Julie Bergman
  • Hart Bochner
  • Nathalie Boltt
  • Andrea Bowers
  • Benjamin Bratt
  • James Cameron
  • Rachelle Carson Begley
  • Oona Chaplin
  • Emmanuelle Chriqui
  • Petra Costa
  • Ashlan Cousteau
  • Philippe Cousteau
  • Peter Coyote
  • Téana David
  • Leonardo Dicaprio
  • Sarah duPont
  • Cary Elwes
  • Frances Fisher
  • Gigi Hadid
  • Daryl Hannah
  • Q’orianka Kilcher
  • Jared Leto
  • Lil Nas X
  • Mia Maestro
  • Seth McFarlane
  • Wendie Malick
  • Matthew Modine
  • Shaun Monson
  • Esai Morales
  • Leilani Munter
  • Mike Murphy
  • Edward Norton
  • Carter Oosterhouse
  • Joaquin Phoenix
  • Mark Ruffalo
  • Madisyn Shipman
  • Amy Smart
  • Sting
  • Barbra Streisand
  • Trudie Styler
  • David Suzuki
  • Brittani Louise Taylor
  • Scottie Thompson
  • Kit Thomas
  • Leonor Varela
  • Sigourney Weaver
  • Barbara Williams
  • Shailene Woodley
  • Madeline Zima

Join the Call to Defend Amazonian Earth Defenders!

Indigenous peoples across the Amazon are confronting a human rights emergency. In 2019 alone, 33 Earth defenders were murdered in the region. From Brazil to Peru, Indigenous Earth defenders’ lives are increasingly at risk.

Mining, agribusiness, fossil fuels, logging, and narcotrafficking remain large drivers of conflict. Companies and governments are failing to act to prevent the genocide of Indigenous people. The Amazon, Mother Earth, and our climate cannot stand to lose another single Indigenous life.



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