The Amazon rainforest stabilizes regional and global weather patterns, drives rainfall and helps curtail climate change, but it is reaching an irreversible tipping point which threatens our climate and collective future, requiring urgent action.

Indigenous peoples have effectively conserved their rainforest territories for millenia and yet their rights, lives and territories are facing increasing threats. Defending the defenders of the Amazon is an environmental, human rights, and racial justice priority.

The Amazon is also home to the largest and most biodiverse collection of flora and fauna. Protecting the rainforests is critical to preventing mass extinction.

Protecting the Amazon is essential to preserving the future of life on Earth. Young people are organizing in defense of the Amazon. They recognize that their future on a livable planet is at risk if the Amazon rainforest experiences ecological collapse, and its people and cultures are destroyed.

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This powerful Platform is built on the premise that global governments must lead policy that preserves and protects the Amazon rainforest and it’s indigenous inhabitants.

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    Indigenous peoples across the Amazon are confronting a human rights emergency. In 2019 alone, 33 Earth defenders were murdered in the region. From Brazil to Peru, Indigenous Earth defenders’ lives are increasingly at risk.

    Mining, agribusiness, fossil fuels, logging, and narcotrafficking remain large drivers of conflict. Companies and governments are failing to act to prevent the genocide of Indigenous people. The Amazon, Mother Earth, and our climate cannot stand to lose another single Indigenous life.


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